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Evidate is an IT system designed for field employees and site administrators.

Field employee Site administrator

Field employee

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Intuitive operation

The simple interface enables efficient work without distracting and unnecessary features. Thanks to various methods of searching for points A, an employee can adjust the system to their own way of working, which increases comfort and efficiency, while the map display technology, based on popular Internet maps, is extremely intuitive. All these elements make using the system straightforward and efficient.

Optimized assignment process

While in use, the application finds the employee’s geolocation and adjusts the map accordingly, thanks to which the search time for points A is minimized. Assigning points is easy: simply search for point A, then indicate point B and confirm. The addition of a new point B is an integral part of the assignment process - it does not significantly increase the time it takes to complete the process. Assigning points is therefore made up of a few uncomplicated steps, guaranteeing efficient project flow.

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Dedicated data range

When initializing the application on the device, the employee downloads only data relevant to their assigned area, which ensures greater data security and improved work cycle. In addition, it also minimizes the costs associated with data transfer, making a significant difference over the course of the entire project. The application is flexible and reactive to changes by enabling changing or reloading regions - this makes it ideal in situations where equipment must be substituted or shared among employees.

Site administrator

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Users and their assignments

The Administration Panel manages user accounts - both field employees using the mobile application and regional coordinators. It is also possible to view information about assignments with the option to correct conflicting relationships, thanks to which the administrator can control the quality of work from early on in the process.

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Transparency of statements

Transparent table layout along with sorting, filtering and searching algorithms enable efficient browsing of points together with links between them. Consistency of data presentation throughout the system guarantees ease of use, and optimizes the time required for performing basic activities.

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Generating reports summarizing user activity and the use of individual devices enables efficient monitoring and optimization of hardware resources. A variety of report types has been selected in such a way as to provide comprehensive insight into the progress of the project. Additionally, the division of roles in the system ensures data confidentiality by only allowing access to individual tabs to strictly-defined groups of users.